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Jul 15, 2011 9:30pm PDT
to choose the military over my wife. >> reporter: in 2003 venus and doug began civilian life together. they moved into this house in schoolcraft, michigan, not far from where they both grew up. venus worked in a bank and doug at applebee's and pizza hut. a daughter came along, then in 2006, a second baby. >> she hoped and prayed for two little girls and i hoped and prayed for two healthy babies. we got our wish. >> reporter: did venus like being a mom? >> oh, she loved being a mom. that was like her number one priority. >> reporter: but stay at home mom wasn't in the picture for venus, not right away. they were too reliant on her checks from the banks and she was the family's bigger bread winner. so you became mr. mom? >> absolutely. and it was the best years of my life. >> reporter: change the diapers, do all the tough stuff? >> you bet. it's what makes a man a man. >> reporter: if they had a second place passion after their daughters, doug said it was playing games on x-box. doug liked the blow 'em up games and said venus was more into the puzzles. >> reporter:
Jul 15, 2011 11:35pm PDT
plastic barbie doll. >> reporter: meet hollywood's most controversial newlyweds. doug hutchison is a 51-year-old actor. perhaps you remember him best as the abusive prison guard in "the green mile." >> they got all the men they need. >> reporter: and his wife? courtney stodden. she's an aspiring singer and actress. ♪ it's not my fault ♪ you can't control your guy >> reporter: believe it or not, the most stunning thing about courtney isn't her provocative appearance. it's her birth certificate. that's right. this girl is 16 years old. married to a man more than three times her age. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> reporter: let me ask you, courtney, 16 years old. why the rush to get married? >> because, you know, i felt like this world isn't going to last forever. and, you know, life's short. >> reporter: if you're s s confident and you know it's so right, why not just wait? >> that's a good question. >> when someone is 16, their frontal lobe is not fully developed. that's the part of the brain that says, "if i do this, what will happen tomorrow?" >> reporter: the way they tell it, d
Jul 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
director, bob cabana. we see sandy magnus, doug hurley, rex walheim and chris ferguson. john shannon from houston. our launch vehicles atlantis flow manager, angie brewer. tom shannon who has served as our program manager out at houston for shuttle program. we see our launch director in the background, mike leinbach. and mike moses along with mike leinbach. there's our deputy administrator and our administrator, charlie bolden. the singing of happiness as was mixed emotions. here is the atlantis banner that was on atlantis when the hatch was closed. with rex walheim, his picture made with atlantis is banner. barred from the space alliance -- bart from the space alliance. sandy magnus. [no sounds] [no sounds] [no sounds] [no sounds] >> now we're underneath atlantis. the crew is going to be going over to the landing gear and looking at the tiles. there's our administrator charlie bolden again. the pilot doug hurley. doug hurley in the red hat. [no sounds] [no sounds] [no sounds] [no sounds] >> there is sandy magnus. [no sounds] [no sounds] >> and our pilot again and there in the red hat is
Jul 22, 2011 4:00pm EDT
. >> meteorologist doug kammerer and chuck bell are following this dangerous heat today. let's start with you, doug. >> you say off the charts. we have not seen a heat index like this, i don't remember ever seeing it, and i grew up in this area. as far as the temperatures go right now, 100 degrees, we hit 102 last hour, just shy of the record of 103 degrees. but we have crushed the record towards dulles right now at 102 degrees. the old record, 98. we also beat the record in baltimore with 104 degrees there. now, the current heat index, 118 inside the beltway, and we are talking about some extreme heat across the rest of the area through saturday. of course, we do have that heat warning that is in effect, excessive heat warning in effect for today and for tomorrow. tomorrow, another extremely hot day. take a look at the numbers. the temperatures around the region right now. we're currently sitting at 100 degrees net airport, 102 in culpep culpeper, gaithersburg coming in at 100 degrees. but notice haegerstown, only 79s as we have had rain move in and thunderstorms. here's the heat index, 122 in la
Jul 1, 2011 4:00pm PDT
to start with hans? no. we're going to start with doug johnson from m.t.c. who has been our partner in facilitating this occasion and, doug, would you please come over and say you're welcoming remarks. >> sure. >> in the interesting of being heard, i hate to stand between you and someone named hans but i will do it nonetheless. delay may also give the supervisor a chance to catch up with us. my name is doug johnson. i'm a senior planner at the metropolitan transportation commission overseeing our programs in land use and social equity. i'm also very fortunate to be a member of the transatlantic cities network, which is a project of the german marshall fund you'll be hearing from ellen. it is a network of 25 cities, 12 in the u.s., 13 in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of,
Jul 19, 2011 11:00pm EDT
and the heat. doug's in the weather center with more on what's going on out there tonight. doug? >> we are in the midst of a heat wave and we have showers and thunderstorms as well. temperatures on the warm side. right now, 82. once again the heat index, the humidity is up, so the index is at 88 degrees. that's at 11:00. a very warm night. we'll see nothing but warm temperatures over the next few days. a couple of storms. a shower in fairfax county. more developing out toward the chesapeake into callbert county. in st. mary, that storm's in the northern neck of virginia. that knocked down trees. there is even more to the north. we'll talk about that and excessive heat around numerous parts of the country. i'll show you how hot i think we are going to go. >> thank you, doug. news 4 uncovered new information about an accused murderer who escaped in the district last week. it's what he was doing before his arrest that had authorities so worried when he got loose. jackie benson joins us from prince georges county police headquarters with details. >> we now know why police were especially u
Jul 15, 2011 11:00pm PDT
been deliberating. was doug stewart responsible for the murder of his wife venus. >> i dreamed about her a lot, thinking that she's still alive. and i'm hugging her, you know? and then i wake up and reality hits me. >> reporter: you believe she's alive or not? >> i got to believe she's alive. if she's not, i don't think i can handle it. i don't think my kids can handle it. >> reporter: if she was alive it would be incredibly cruel what she's doing. >> i could never forgive her. >> the jury has indicated they've reached a verdict. >> reporter: the moment had arrived. venus' mother and brother knew a guilty verdict would be small consolation, but they wanted to hear it anyway. a few feet away stood the accused, eyes blinking, face twitching. >> the clerk will read the verdict. >> members of the jury finds douglas harry stewart as to count one guilty of first degree, premeditated murder. >> reporter: can think about venus isn't here. >> do we want to split up? >> reporter: where was she in fields and farms? family vow they won't stop looking for her remai
Jul 11, 2011 6:00pm EDT
the summer heat is here. and it's here to stay for a while. doug is outside in the thick of it with a look at what's happening out there right now. hey, doug. >> reporter: hi, dorene. you mentioned the thick of it. that is for sure. we are dealing with a heat index right now of 106 degrees. it is a hot day outside across our area. 93 degrees, the current temperature. but there's that heat index of 106 with a dew point in the upper 70s, that makes things very oppressive. winds at 17 miles per hour. that breeze does help a little bit. now, temperatures around the rest of the region sitting at 93 in frederick, 93 in sterling. 95 in fredericksburg of the but once again, here's the heat index across our region. 100 in frederick. but look to the south. fredericksburg, the heat index there, 116. 103 in clinton and towards winchester where right now we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. that heat index is 108 degrees. there is live digital doppler radar. there are a few showers developing and thunderstorms developing along the mountains in the blue ridge. out there towards i-81, but an ev
Jul 8, 2011 4:00pm EDT
here. the rain started about an hour ago. let's get the latest from doug. >> it is really coming down out there in some locations. flash flood watch across most of the entire area, but a flash flood warning for most of maryland, including montgomery county, howard county, frederick, washington, carol, and baltimore county. they are seeing some very heavy rain right now. you can see that rain on the radar. the only severe thunderstorm right now is down towards culpeper. that is going to move through southern portions of culpeper county. but we're watching that line, as well, as it makes its way into the area. the entire region under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. a couple of zooms here, and the first zoom we'll take you to is the one that does show you into montgomery county that we are seeing some of the heaviest rain right there, right around wheaton right now. right around the at pen hill area. very heavy rain right along 495 in the beltway. also right up along 95, up there towards laurel, seeing very heavy rain, a lot of lightning here, olney, brighton, all seeing
Jul 18, 2011 11:00pm EDT
is headed right for us but we might have to deal with strong storms first. doug's in the weather center with more on that. doug? >> i think we are going to see some pretty strong storms in the day tomorrow. at least some of us will. it is going to be the heat to be the big culprit over the next couple of days and something to prepare for. out there right now, current temperature of 84 degrees. dew point of 71. so that heat index even at 11:00 is near 90. it is extremely warm out there and going to stay warm over the next couple of days. 78 down south. look at the thunderstorms down across the area. we'll see mostly dry conditions tonight and i x effect to see some strong storms tomorrow. that's coming up. >>> thank you, doug. >>> a u.s. congressman is recovering from a broken rib after a home invasion. leonard roswell was with his family when a masked man ran into the farmhouse, pulled a gun on his daughter and tried to rob her. boss well is 77 years old, a  vietnam war veteran. he says he tried to disarm the gunman. boswell was injured when they fell down the stairs. the man ran away
Jul 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
district. >> let's go straight to chief meteorologist doug kammerer with details in the storm center. so how high did we climb, doug? >> so far at 98 degrees, the high temperature across the area, or at least across at the airport. but the heat index, look at that. that's up there at 112 right now. humidity at 49%. but that heat index, that tells the story. 112. the and that's why we have that heat warning, that excessive heat warning, not just for today, through 10:00, but also tomorrow and during the day on saturday. so now the national weather service has also extended this through the day on saturday with a heat index of 105 to 1 15, plus. some areas will be above 115, and we already have those areas outside right now. current temperature, 100 toward the west and in the higher elevations, winchester at 100, martinsburg, 100 degrees. and cumberland, maryland, 100, too. look at the heat index. 109 in manassas, 114 in fredericksbu fredericksburg. la plata coming in at nearly 120 degrees. we're talking about the heat index now. chuck bell is live outside. and chuck a lot of p
Jul 21, 2011 6:00pm EDT
the heat warnings. we begin with doug kammerer in the weather center. doug? >> starting off on a very hot day today. you woke up this morning, if you walked outside, you know what i'm talking about. it really just hits you like a ton of bricks out there, a very humid, soupy atmosphere. that's the way we're dealing with things outside right now. 98 degrees, the current temperature. our heat index, down from 112 now down to 109. so still a very hot and humid afternoon. temperatures around the region have been up there around 100 degrees. and we could do have that excessive heat warning which is now in effect through saturday. so we do expect to see a heat index between 105 and 115-plus. some areas could be near 120 tomorrow and into saturday. so that's why we have that heat warning and that's why it has been extended through the day on saturday. out there right now, current temperature into the 90s and one area around 100. winchester still at 100 degrees, but 99 in leesburg, 99 in man has as, and 96 towards la plata. the heat index 106 in manassas. 117 in fredericksburg, 115 in la plata and
Jul 15, 2011 12:35am EDT
are cormack, doug and russell! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. hey, what is your name? >> cormack. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: seriously? >> seriously. >> jimmy: okay. cormack? >> it's an irish name. >> jimmy: is it? you could be mccormack. >> yeah, yeah. i get that a lot. the spices, i'm not a spice though, i'm a person. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a pretty spicy person. doug, come on. [ laughter ] doug? his name is cormack. doug mccormick? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're joking. >> hey. >> jimmy: you guys should rent one of those like, tour buses and drive around new york city. [ laughter ] what's up, buddy? >> russell. >> jimmy: russell. very good. [ laughter ] i think cormack has the advantage but who knows? [ laughter ] here's how it works you guys, a doll is hidden inside here. okay? when it's your turn, i show you the doll for five seconds, you have to make a mental note what it's wearing, how it's posed and what its facial expression is. you will then have 30 seconds to pull props from a bin, put them on and then when you hear this sound -- [ baby crying ] >> jimmy: you have to look right into that t
Jul 4, 2011 4:00pm EDT
tonight? >> that's the big question, isn't it? meteorologist doug kammerer is here, he's got the answer. so what about that, doug? >> uh -- that's the hemming and hauing. because we have some storms trying to make their way towards the region of the right now outside, 90 degrees, a very warm 4th of july, a heat index of 93 degrees. that's what you expect this time of year, not much in the way of wind, out of the east at 3 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the region, 83 in quantico, 87 in sterling. frederick coming in at 91 degrees. now, on the radar, you notice that area down to the south in the pink, that's a severe thunderstorm watch, that's effect until 10:00, includes spotsylvania county, stafford county, fredricksburg, maryland, charles and calvert county. that severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00. i do think most of the storms -- most of the storms will stay south of 66 and south of 50. so that's very good news for those of you in portions of northern virginia and the rest of maryland and also towards west virginia could see a couple showers. but right no
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
in a few days. doug kammerer is outside tonight, just telling us how lovely it is now and how bad it's going to be. >> i don't think it's lovely at all. i'm sweating right now, wendy. but coming up in the next couple of days, it is going to get worse as far as the heat is concerned. we're going to be up around 100 degrees by the end of the week. but that heat index could be up there around 110. let's show you what's happening outside right now across the area. we're into the 90s. current temperature outside at the airport is up there in the 90-degree range. 91 degrees. dew point of 71. winds out of the south at 11 miles per hour. we'll be back in just a minute to let you know how hot things are going to get. >> thank you, doug. >>> a scary scene in rockville this morning. a school bus caught fire on southbound 270 near montrose road, just before 11:00. the driver was the only person on board when the engine compartment caught fire. he wasn't hurt. the southbound lanes of 270 were closed as crews doused the flames, creating a traffic headache that extended to montgomery avenue. of but
Jul 27, 2011 9:00am EDT
tomorrow, because fox's doug luzader explains from capitol hill the votes were not there. >> a vote in the house has been pushed back another day because republicans just got some bad news. >> house republicans walked out of a closed door meeting trying to figure out what comes next. >> i just can't support it. >> didn't get the savings we had anticipated, so we are going back adjusting it finding some more cuts to get the numbers to come out right. >> the problem is debt plan put forward by john boehner falls short it does raise the nations debt ceiling to avert next week's deadline but turns out his deficit cuts are more than $300 billion less than advertised it will now be reworked. even if it passes, the president is promising a veto. >> we are beyond that discussion because that bill will not and could no pass the senate, so it won't get to his desk in the oval office, so the question of veto or not veto is really beside the point. >> so with the gulf widening between democrats and president on one side speaker and republicans on the other it is not clear what comes next. >>>i
Jul 22, 2011 12:00pm EDT
public office after more than four decades of service in winnebego county, illinois. doug irand won his first political race in 1970 when he was elected win ba winnebo couny treasure. he wasn't supposed to win that race. they hadn't elected a democrat to a county-wide position in 138 years. apparently nobody told doug. he ran as a write-in candidates, campaigned in his first election like it was the most important race he could possibly run. he filled out the campaign schedule every day by knocking on every door and talking to every voter he could find. when the volts were counted on -- votes were counted on election night, doug irand had made election history, becoming the first democratic treasure ever elected in winnebego county, illinois. over the next 30 years, he was reelected seven times. he was born in dixon, illinois, hometown of ronald reagan, and he was every bit as proud to be a democrat as president reagan was to be a republican. but doug never allowed his political affiliation to influence the way he treated his constituents. when you walked into the country treasure's off
Jul 1, 2011 6:00pm EDT
will be in effect. >>> start of a holiday weekend. it's also a friday. so doug is out in somebody's backyard because he likes to do that on fridays. he is out in montgomery county. where are you, doug? >> oh, we're in potomac, jim. and i'll tell you what, it is a beautiful day, and a beautiful backyard too. take a look. a great house here in maryland. as far as the weather is concerned, the weather could not be any better. temperatures around 90 degrees across the area. but the humidity is very low. so it's very comfortable out here right now, especially in the shade. as far as our temperatures go around the rest of the region, most locations in the mid- to upper 80s to around the 90-degree mark. that's where we're going to stay for the next couple of hours, and then dip down for the overnight hours. as far as our temperatures go overnight, first off nothing on the radar to show you. we're not going to show you any rain until the chance on sunday. and we'll talk about our chances for the fourth of july coming up too. but overnight tonight, you'll be waking up to temperatures tomorrow morning under c
Jul 8, 2011 5:00pm EDT
pose serious health risks. >> and doug, what's coming through now? >> now another flash flood warning, this time for the district as well as prince george's county and anne arundel county. very heavy rain right now into portions of southeast d.c. around the suitland area, into maryland, towards mitchellville and right into anne arundel county into 50. we're going to be with this heavy rain situation over the next couple hours. >>> you're watching news4 at 5:00. >>> get out your boots. we have a down pore upon us, doug. >> torrential rain. some areas have already seen, others are about to see it. take a look at the rain we have seen over the past couple hours. this was the potomac, very heavy rain, this area as well as many counties around the maryland region you said a flash flood warning right now. we have a brand new warning that includes southeast portions of d.c. in the district, portions of prince george's county and anne arundel county and now a severe thunderstorm warning, a brand-new severe thunderstorm warning for anne arundel county, southwestern anne arundel, northwestern c
Jul 7, 2011 5:00pm EDT
, and there is also a chance for strong storms tonight and tomorrow. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking it all. he's got details. hey, doug. >> hi, guys. we are watching those very warm temperatures out there right now, 94 degrees the current temperature, but that heat index is close to the triple digits. we reached 99 last hour. right now we're sitting at 97 with that heat index. winds outs of the south-southwest right now at 9 miles per hour. temperatures around the rest of the region are hot. 93 in frederick, 93 in sterling, 91 in fredericksburg. heat index, as i mentioned, in the mid to upper 90s, some areas over 100. and live digital doppler does show rain, but most over towards frederick county seeing rain, parts of montgomery county starting to see a shower or two there, and back toward the west, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:15. that's into west virginia for mineral and hampshire county and back toward allegheny county in towards maerls. those storms will continue to make their way towards hagerstown or martinsville area over the next half hour to hour. i'll ke
Jul 20, 2011 6:00pm EDT
thursday and into friday. jim? >> all right. thank you, doug. >>> well, despite the expected rising demand, utility companies in our area say they're ready to handle the heat. john schriffen continues our team coverage now in glendale, maryland. john? >> well, jim, good evening. if you see behind me, the kids are out here enjoying this glendale splash park, having a great time here. but authorities say with this heat, it can be very deceptive. you just heard from doug kammerer the heat index in many part of our areas is reaching triple digits, but it varies depending where you are. we put it to the test. i have this infrared laser heat sensor, you can see the surface temperature. the water tested right on 8 degrees. but check out when the kids step outside the pool. if you see this concrete surface walkway here, put it on there. right now, we're at 110 degrees just out here on this concrete. so if you've just gotten home from work, thinking about heading outside for a run, maybe play some tennis on the courts, be very careful, because the heat on the surface can be a lot hotter than you th
Jul 21, 2011 4:00pm EDT
. but let's start with doug kammerer up in the storm center. doug? >> we're dealing with dangerous heat out there, as you just mentioned. temperatures out there hovering close to 100 degrees in many locations. but it's not just the heat, it's the humidity and the heat index. right now, it's 97 degrees out there, current temperature, dew point of 77. and right now the heat index in the d.c. area, 112. that's the way it feels out there on the exposed skin. everybody under a heat warning right now, and that heat warning is going to continue throughout the night tonight, through the day tomorrow, and they have just extended it through the day on saturday, too, for a heat index between 105 and 115 degrees. some areas will be over 120 for that heat index. as far as the temperatures go around the area right now, we are at 100 degrees in frederick. 99 right now into loudoun county around leesburg. 99 in culpeper and towards fredericksburg, 91 degrees in annapolis. but once again, the heat index is the story, 115 in la plata, 117 in fredericksburg, and 106 out towards annapolis. we are going to cont
Jul 8, 2011 7:00pm PDT
interviewed betty ford many times over the years. also on the phone presidential historian doug brinkley who wrote a boyography on gerald ford. thanks for joining us this evening as we take in the very very sad news. larry, if i can start with you, you interviewed betty ford a number of times. what was she like? >> she was an extraordinary lady. extraordinary wife. a great first lady. and she of course -- she changed the picture of first ladies with that announcement of her own breast cancer, with going public with being alcoholic. i had her on many times by herself, a number of times with her husband. one of the most dramatic nights was when her husband described the night they had an intervention and all gathered around the bed to tell her that she was -- they knew she was alcoholic and that she needed help. all that led really to the start of the betty ford center. we had a dinner once, my wife and i went, in which they honored betty ford. and all the first ladies came. and i was the emcee. it was a great dinner. she was a hell of a lady. she was just a terrific person. i can't find one n
Jul 8, 2011 10:00pm PDT
historian doug brinkley who wrote a boyography on gerald ford. thanks for joining us this evening as we take in the very very sad news. larry, if i can start with you, you interviewed betty ford a number of times. what was she like? >> she was an extraordinary lady. extraordinary wife. a great first lady. and she of course -- she changed the picture of first ladies with that announcement of her own breast cancer, with going public with being alcoholic. i had her on many times by herself, a number of times with her husband. one of the most dramatic nights was when her husband described the night they had an intervention and all gathered around the bed to tell her that she was -- they knew she was alcoholic and that she needed help. all that led really to the start of the betty ford center. we had a dinner once, my wife and i went, in which they honored betty ford. and all the first ladies came. and i was the emcee. it was a great dinner. she was a hell of a lady. she was just a terrific person. i can't find one negative about betty ford. and i'm sure doug brinkley would agree. >> doug, your t
Jul 13, 2011 6:00pm EDT
that car wasn't injured. doug is up in the weather center now with what we can expect to come. doug? >> right now, jim, those storms are making their way well south and east of our area and continue to move south and east. still a few showers and storms left over. but something else is going on right now. take a look outside. we're actually starting to see some sunshine as those storms have now cleared the area, and we're starting to see some clearing skies. 78 degrees, the current temperature out there right now. winds are calm. as far as the rain is concerned, where has that been? well, down to the south and east, and it still moves south and east into southeastern portions of saint mary's county and toward king george county. that's about it. but we do have one more storm that's back into fauquier county and we're going to continue to watch that storm making its way down south and east. you can see what i'm talking about right there. those storms south and east and there's that storm right around 66 making its way further down. as far as temperatures go, we're starting to rebound
Jul 10, 2011 11:00pm PDT
sure to look for the white check. [ doug ] i got to figure this out. ♪ [ dr. ling ] i want to spend more time with my patients. [ jim ] i need to build a new app for the sales team in beijing. [ mrs. davis ] i need to make science as exciting as a video game. ♪ [ jim ] i need to push out a software upgrade. [ dr. ling ] review ms. cooper's history. [ doug ] i need to cut i.t. costs. [ mrs. davis ] i need to find a way to break through. [ jim ] i need to see my family while they're still awake. [ dr. ling ] see if the blood work is ready. [ doug ] i need to think about something else when i run. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, we set out to do more than the day before. at dell, everything we do, from solutions to services, gives you the power to do just that. ♪ so i.t. professionals can be more productive... business leaders, more innovative... doctors can be more connected to patients... and teachers have the power to make a difference. dell. the power to do more. with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i h
Jul 18, 2011 3:00am EDT
barbie doll. >> reporter: meet hollywood's most controversial newly woods. doug hutchison is a 51-year-old actor. perhaps you remember him best as the abusive prison guard in "the green mile." >> they got all the men they need. >> reporter: and his wife? courtney stoddard, an aspiring singer and actress. ♪ it's not my fault you can't control your guy ♪ >> reporter: believe it or not the most stunning thing about courtney isn't her provocative appearance. it's her birth certificate. that's right, this girl is 16 years old. married to a man more than three times her age. >> i love you. >> love you. >> let me ask you, courtney, 16 years old. why the rush to get married? >> because, you know, i felt like, um, this world isn't going to last forever. and, you know, life eat sho's s >> if you're so confident and you know it's so right, why not just wait? >> it's a good question. >> when someone is 16 the frontal lobe is not fully developed. that's the part of the brain that says, if i do this, what will happen tomorrow? >> reporter: the way they tell it doug and courtney's love story bega
Jul 6, 2011 4:00pm EDT
. >>> a morning sprinkle. there could be a chance for some rain tonight, too. >> meteorologist doug kammerer is here to tell us just exactly what to expect. hey, doug. >> hi, guys. some areas picked up good rain in southern portions of maryland and northern neck of virginia also seeing pretty good rain today. from washington to the north and west, not much at all out there, except for what we saw this morning. 85 degrees the current temperature, but look at the heat index, 92 with a dew point of 73. it is very warm and very sticky. winds out of the south-southeast right now at 12 miles per hour. i actually expect temperatures to go up over the next hour or two. right now, sterling coming in at 86 degrees. but look at hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. that's where the sun has been out, temperatures there running above 90 degrees. back down to the south, though, fredericksburg, leonardtown, both in the upper 70s, as those are the areas that have seen rain throughout the afternoon. live digital doppler showing rain well to the south and east of the fredericksburg area, but still down towa
Jul 14, 2011 6:00pm EDT
between good and evil in the wizarding world. >>> doug, everybody likes the weatherman today. >> yeah, i've got my costume ready for that movie coming up later tonight. 82 degrees out there now. simply gorgeous out there. and guess what, we have more of this great weather to come. but it is going to get hot again. i'll show you when. dan. >>> sounds good, doug. coming up in sports, an amateur does the unthinkable at the british open. superman, aka, shaquille o'neal, has a super new cup. news4 at 6:00 continues. >>> a maryland mother says she is no hero, just a mother. she and her child were carjacked last night in baltimore and taken on a wild ride. this ended on the beltway in montgomery county as the woman grabbed her baby and jumped out of that moving car. pat collins spoke with her. >> i'm so scared. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: her name is elsia. she says that this man, carjacked her lexus while she and her little boy were inside. and he took them on a bone-chilling, life threatening ride from baltimore to the washington beltway before she grabbed her child and jumped to safety.
Jul 20, 2011 5:00pm EDT
spending the day outdoors, but we begin with doug kammerer with a look at the conditions all over our region. doug? >> right now we're talking about extremely hot temperatures across the area, and that is going to remain right through the next couple days. but this kind of heat today is not abnormal. 92 degrees outside right now with a heat index around 101. so we are looking at very warm temperatures, and that is what's going to remain here. right on through the next couple of days. but you add in close to 10 degrees on both the temperature and the heat index for tomorrow. and we're talking about a heat index close to 110 out there tomorrow. current temperatures out there right now, 97 in leesburg, 97 in it culpepeculpeper. 88 in annapolis. notice the heat index, you know it's a hot day today. 112, the heat index in fredericksburg, 113 in easton, and a very hot day today but nothing compared to tomorrow. that's why we have excessive heat warnings now in effect. it was a watch yesterday. it is now an excessive heat warning. not just for our area, but st. louis, chicago, cincinnati, de
Jul 15, 2011 7:00am EDT
, as you know, this couple has the internet abuzz. 51-year-old doug hutchison and his teen bride, courtney. she is just 16 years old. they say their love is real and her parents are on board. you'll see them together and decide for yourself. back to you in new york. i wish i was with you. it looks great over there. >> we know you're there. >> right now back to josh elliott in the studio with the rest of the headlines. >> to what's happening right now and we begin with the nation's debt crisis. after another warning that the government's debt rating could soon be downgraded, president obama is holding a news conference this horng to emphasize that now is the time to act to raise the debt limit. he's asked congressional leadership to gauge what kind of plan their parties will support and to report back to him again by tomorrow morning. >>> meanwhile, some frightening moments in boston's logan airport. two delta jets collided while preparing for takeoff. the wing tip of a 767 was, in fact, sliced apart while the tail of a regional plane was badly damaged. no oneeriously hurt. >>> the top aid
Jul 27, 2011 6:30pm PDT
months or not. that's the biggest difference. >> susie: doug, what do you think? >> they're very close and in fact the c.e.o. took a look at the replan and didn't give him full credit, so i don't think he gets past the next elect either. so both sides are trying to do this in a timely fashion, their bills are similar and there's an opportunity to get it done. >> susie: let's step back from the timetable and talk about the deals themselves. we're talking about a lot money here, kr 900 billion in savings in one plan, 2 trillion in the other plan, it's a lot of money, and as the american people try to size this up, are we making the right cuts? doug? >> these cuts are in the annual discretionary spending, they are not in the major entitlement programs, so they are only part of the program. 900 billion sounds like a lot, it nowhere close to the size of the underlying dealt problem. so this is a good start. it's a commitment to doing this now, and in the future. but it by no means address tess underlying problem that the rating agencies are worrying about. >> susie: dean, what do you think?
Jul 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
every 10 minutes. >> that's right. and doug hill is now joining us. i know you will have a busy week there, doug. >> absolutely. that's going to be the story all week long. the high heat, excessive heat, by the end. week. we'll get started today with temperatures already into the 90's this afternoon. let's run up the road here to chesapeake beach take a look at what's happening weather-wise. as we look live, temperatures about 70 degrees. we're going to see a few clouds at times today. temperatures will again increase, winds southwesterly. around the area now temperatures actually fairly comfortable. 68 in gaithersburg. 71 baltimore. 64 culpeper. a few cool spots. but during the day all of those temperatures you can add a good 20 degrees or 30 degrees. satellite and radar shows some clouds, showers and storms. we'll get a few clouds maybe tonight and isolated storms. a quick look forecast through the day. on this monday, 18th of july, partly sunny hot and humid. temperatures will climb into the lower 90's th
Jul 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
. our chief meteorologist doug hill will be here to look at the forecast in more detail. first to lisa baden. >> normal service on metrorail. we don't have any major problems it report. route 4, route 5 to 95 northbound slowing to the suitland parkway. this was a vehicle fire on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue at the second exit. you will find the emergency equipment will cost you an extra few minutes on the beltway and southbound 95 to join 495. 395 light in the geico traffic center from the beltway past duke street. building in volume to duke street. >> just one week now until a potential default and the debt showdown continues to heat up. president obama and house speaker john boehner both addressed the nation last night. >> republicans and democrats have their own plans to resolve the ceiling debate and neither side seems willing to budge. we have the latest developments. >> there's been no compromise. president obama put most of the blame on the congress specifically house republicans. but the republicans fired back saying the president and democrats wa
Jul 4, 2011 11:00pm EDT
right now. doug is going to tell us where the rain is and who's going to get it. >> still light showers out there right now. a couple of of them came through the around the 8:30, 9:00 hour. forced that one cancellation at tacoma park. into portions of western fairfax county, some sprinkles right now and back along 66, we're going to continue to watch those move out toward the east. over warrenton, towards the manassas area. very, very light rain. that's it. just some shower activity. tomorrow, i'm not expecting any showers. i am expecting, however, the sun to come back out. that's going to lead us to more heat and more humidity. we'll talk about that in just a minute. >>> the storm damage from last night could keep some roads closed in arlington tomorrow. parts of old dominion drive remain closed because of downed trees and wires. dominion, virginia, power crews are working to restore electricity to nearly 2,000 customers in northern virginia. they expect to have most of those customers back up and running by the morning. >>> a man who jumped into a lake to try to save a remote-control
Jul 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
, to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. doug? >> yeah, and doreen you talk about that dangerous heat, already outside tonight, extremely dangerous because the heat index is still so high. 9:00 tonight in the district, it was still sitting at over 100 degrees. right now, take a look outside, we're dealing with temperature of 86 degrees out there with a dew point of 75. our heat index at 11:00 at night is 95 degrees. and that goes to show you just how hot things are going to get over the next couple of days. temperatures around the rest of the region right now we're currently sitting into the 80s all across the area and that's where we're going to be staying for the next couple of days, at night rather, as we move into the next couple of days. even warmer temperatures heading our way. 86 here. 81 in manassas and 82 in fredericksburg. 91 in leesburg. 95 here and 94 down towards fredericksburg. the entire area not under excessive heat watch, it's not a know excessive heat warning. heat index tomorrow 105 to 110. some areas could get up to 115, maybe even 120 and it gets even hotter on friday. we'
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